The Tattooed Moose

Full Menu 2Charleston Street and Chapel 2

There we were, in this beautiful southern city, walking on cobblestone streets, passing by elegant and expensive homes with foundations which are hundreds of years old…and we were hungry!  That being said, we walked a couple blocks down towards a more, average, side of town and ended our quest for a meal at a building which had a huge mural of a moose covered in tattoos and holding a PBR proudly in his, well, hoof.

Tattooed Moose Painting.jpg

Bingo! This looked like a place to eat that was our speed, you know, based on the crazy drunk moose and all.

Front Porch Tattooed Moose.jpg

You walk up the wooden deck to get to the front door of this fine establishment and you noticed why the pub got its name. The wooden rails were covered in the scrawlings of various patrons and stickers of near and far pubs and restaurants covered the door and glass windows…..everything was tattooed!

Front Door w Rail


Whenever we get to a pub, the first thing we look at is the beer menu. Basically, if it is full of cheap, craft beers (Sam Adams and Blue Moon does NOT count), the pub passes our approval test.  Tattooed Moose passed with flying colors.

D9 Beer

Excellent. Now, on to the food.

Duck Menu Item

Order the Duck Sandwich! (Unless you are allergic to duck or something. Then please don’t take my advice.)

Duck Sandwich 2

But for all of you non-allergic, meat eating people, don’t even consider ordering anything else. This sandwich is so delicious and gigantic that you probably won’t eat for the rest of the week because you “accidentally” ate three of them.

Three slices of thick, toasted bread house the mouth watering contents of soft duck meat, bacon, cheese and their house made garlic dip. Add a side of french fries fried in duck fat and an extra side of garlic dip and it will go through your head (several times in fact) that you might just take up permanent residence at your picnic table and eat at Tattooed Moose for the rest of your life.

But don’t take my word for it, taste for yourself! Tattooed Moose has two locations in Charleston, South Carolina. One is on St. John’s Island and boasts an outdoor patio and bar shrouded by trees covered in Spanish moss and the other is located in downtown Charleston and is a quick drive from the main historic throughways.


As a final note, I am sure they have other food that is phenomenal too… but if you want to find out about any menu item other than the Duck Sandwich you are going to have to visit the Tattooed Moose yourself.

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