Exploring Linville Falls, North Carolina

Nestled in the Linville Gorge, tucked away in the Great Smokey Mountains of North Carolina, are the Linville Waterfalls.

You can hear the rush of the falls as you wander your way down the trails which lead into the gorge. The water weaves it’s way over and around several rocky passages, beginning with twin waterfalls which lie at the first point on your trail head.


At the same point of the trail, you can avert your gaze downstream and find what appears to be a rushing river. You can’t see over the rocks to what is ahead, but you sense that the roaring sound in your ears isn’t entirely created by the rushing stream before your eyes.

edited copy 2.JPG

Curiously chasing the sound of the rushing river, eager to discover it’s source; you make your way another half mile down a winding trail head. At the end of the trail head lies a rocky overlook which curves out perfectly in towards the canyon to allow for beautiful views of the fullness of the waterfall and river below.


The massive flow of water dwarfs the scenes you saw earlier and is the source of the crashing sound of water on rock which you sensed. Serenity surrounds you by way of the rich scent of the pine and the crisp mountain air. You can stand here on this overlook for as long as you please. Of course, adventure will beckon you again; but you will always remember the Linville Falls.

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