Biscuit Head – Asheville’s Incredible Eatery

The mouth watering combination of southern fried chicken, better than any other, combined with cat head biscuits, eggs, bacon, gravy – you name it – is worth the wait. And there is always a line. The line is always out the door. Sometimes the line is around the building.

Biscuit Head is worth it.


With two humble locations in Asheville, North Carolina, Biscuit Head is a fairly new establishment. Established in 2013, there has been a line out the door since the day it opened. Jason and Carolyn opened the eatery because of their love of southern food; more specifically, their love of the cat head biscuit.




The cat head biscuit gives the place it’s theme of adorable, and sometime hilarious, cats. Fluffy on the inside, perfectly golden and crispy on the outside, the cat head biscuit was dubbed as such for the reason that the biscuit comes out about the size of a cat’s head. These are truly massive and fluffy biscuits!




The menu here is unique and you really can’t go wrong. Specials always include the “bacon of the day” and “gravy of the day”.  For those of you who can’t decide on what to try, you can order flights of gravy with biscuits or several sides of bacon!



Their fried chicken, biscuit and maple sausage are some of our favorite pairings to a simple biscuit already filled with eggs and cheese! Of course, if you would like a lighter option, we suggest ordering a plain biscuit with their fruit bowl. The fruit bowl is filled with fresh and local fruits that you can cover in honey if you like!

Your biscuit may come plain but we guarantee it won’t stay that way for long. Near the coffee pots is a station for all kinds of homemade jams and butters as well as honey and hot sauce! Perhaps our favorite jam is their peach rosemary spread!




Their coffee is a simple $2.25 with as many refills as you like. Trust us, you will be drinking lots of it! Their coffee, among their other produce, is bought locally.

The taste is always supreme and you will basically forget Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts ever existed as options for breakfast.


Store Front


There are two locations in Ashville, the one pictured above is their Haywood St. location and the photos picture below are from their Biltmore location. Both are exceptional, but for atmosphere, we frequent the Haywood location.



biltmore sign.jpg

We highly recommend you try them out if you are ever in Asheville! For those of you who don’t happen to find yourself in that neck of the woods, so to speak, you can buy their biscuit mix, jams and hot sauces on their website!

Biscuit Head is a gem of an eatery. We hope you will discover for yourself why we are all lining up around the building to get ourselves a taste of southern heaven!