Exploring St. Augustine, Florida

Off the east coast of Florida, nestled by the Atlantic ocean, is the old city of St. Augustine. Originally founded in 1565, St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States.

There is an abundance of streets which will inspire scenes of pirates and pillaging to leap to the imagination!

Around every corner, you expect to see Johnny Depp dressed as his infamous character Jack Sparrow, drinking rum at a local establishment.

st augs

A noticeable detail of the city is just how colorful it is; reds, oranges, pink and yellows decorate the coastal town with lively colors.

A walk through the Flagler College is a great example of the colorful, Spanish style architecture. What is now a college, used to be the Ponce De Leon hotel; built by the oil tycoon Henry Flagler in 1888. Grand and spacious, the hotel was exclusive and hosted presidents and millionaires in it’s time. It was also innovative in it’s creation; having been wired for electricity by Thomas Edison when it was built.

Flagler College
Flagler College

It is worth taking some time to peek inside the open doors of the college. The ceilings are ornate and capture your attention immediately. When you step inside you feel as if, like the rest of the city, you have been catapulted back through time; yet, instead of pirates, you feel as if Victorian aristocracy will appear around the corner momentarily.

Univ St Aug Ceiling
Flagler College
Fried Gator
Fried Gator Bites

Roaming about is bound to make you hungry!

The smell of the many restaurants fills the streets with a salty mix of ocean air and fried food. Of course, being in Florida, we were determined to find some alligator to eat!

The fried alligator we had was appetizing and did, in fact, taste somewhat like a chewier chicken. Certainly your trip is not complete without this unique indulgence.

St Aug Cannon
Cannons at Castillo De San Marcos

Another interesting piece of history is the Castillo De San Marcos, the oldest masonry fort in the United States. Teal cannons decorate the walls and cannon firing demonstrations occur daily. This is a wonderful stop for those who are interested in the history of city and the history of the United States as a whole! The museums inside offered a lot of information on the early years of the country and the political campaigns which shaped history.  Should you feel ready to peek out of the history books for a while, the fort also offers beautiful views of the city and the bay.

Castillo De San Marcos

There is so much to see in St. Augustine that every visit you make will be full of new experiences! Such as seeing a real pirate’s treasure chest the Pirate Museum!


Whether you are looking for a romantic weekend getaway, the next big adventure or a trip with the family, St. Augustine is a great option and you shouldn’t miss out on experiencing the oldest city in the United States!




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