Kolob Canyons: The Hidden Zion

Just south of Cedar City, Utah, is a largely overlooked treasure nestled in the exquisite landscape of the south west; Kolob Canyons.

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Kolob has become known as the “Hidden Zion”, because it boasts similar characteristics of the well-known national part, while hosting far fewer guests.

When you enter the park, you follow a brilliant red road which molds into the scenery as it winds up the canyon. In the beginning of this drive, the scenery is largely unchanged from the landscape before; it’s a continuation of shrubs and high desert mountains which commonly line the valleys of the south west.

However, as you weave your way through the canyon you begin to catch a glimpse of the towering red monuments. With that first sight, you lose your breath.

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Unexpected, towering cliffs stand before you, greeting you with their glowing red rock, dotted with specks of evergreen trees and graced with streams of waterfalls tumbling down the cliffs and disappearing into the air.

As you continue on, climbing higher in elevation, the view only increases in majesty. Numerous rock formations and cliff faces grace this new horizon. Slot canyons can be seen in the distance and as you trace your eyes across the formations, eventually an expanse of valley stretches out before you and seems endless as it disappears on the horizon, blending in with the sky.

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This scenic drive is roughly five miles long and provides phenomenal views. It gives cause for inspiration to trek along one of the many hiking trails to experience Kolob up close and in depth. There are several trail heads along the route which provide walking paths; guiding you deeper into the crevices of the towering cliffs.

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This western landscape captures the imagination and provides the onlooker with a renewed perspective, a sense of the magic of the high desert.

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To fully comprehend and appreciate this marvelous act of nature, would surely take several visits! Although, if you only have a day, or an afternoon, worth of time in that busy travel schedule, stop by Kolob still! The majesty of the park is an experience you won’t want to miss out on!

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