Meet Our Team

Experienced & Excited to Teach

Meet Emma, Chief Pilot & Co-Owner


My name is Emma Justis. I am the Chief pilot and co owner at NV Flight. I am an ATP rated pilot with over 2 years of instruction given. I started my flying career in the High Sierra Mountains before working all over the country. Now I fly corporate aircraft and oversee the flight department at NV Flight! I love sharing my passion of flight with students, and my goal is to see each of my students soar higher than they ever thought they could!

Meet AJ, CFI


My name is AJ Griffeth. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, right under the approach path into SFO. Looking up and constantly seeing airplanes overhead, I have been interested in aviation as long as I can remember. When the time finally came for me to begin my own aviation journey, I went full steam ahead and never looked back. I have always had a passion for teaching and helping people achieve their goals. My goal as an instructor is to cultivate a safe, fun, and collaborative learning environment. No matter how big or modest your personal aviation dreams are we will work together to achieve them!

Meet Chad, CFI


My name is Chad! I’m an instructor here at NV flight who caught the aviation bug while flying around fighting fire on a BLM Helitack crew.
Previous to that, I worked for several years as a professional gunsmith and hitchhiked around the country. I enjoy adapting to new situations and helping people expand their comfort zones in the air. Watching students develop a PIC mentality is super rewarding and I look forward to helping you with whatever your aviation goals may be.

Meet Eric, CFI & CFII


Eric is one of our awesome flight instructors for private, instrument and commercial students. He has a wealth of knowledge in aviation he enjoys sharing with all of his students! Now living in Sparks, Eric is originally from the Boston area. He has spent time in Italy and Charleston, SC as a fire fighter with the USAF. He’s had his pilot certificate since 2005, been a CFII since 2019, soon obtaining his ATP flying the LearJet 60 for a charter company out of El Paso, TX.

Meet Trygve, CFI & CFII


My name is Trygve. I’m a commercial pilot and CFII with more than 1,000 hours flying experience. I grew up in an airline family at Lake Tahoe and later lived in Europe and the Middle East. In 2012, I became hooked on aviation while flying a Cessna 182 around southern Africa with friends. Since then, I have flown my Piper Dakota to places as far away as Guatemala and Maine. I am passionate about introducing people to aviation and helping them grow into skilled aviators. With my extensive real-world flying experience, I can help you earn your private, instrument, and commercial certificates.

Meet Seth, CFI


Howdy! I’m Seth, a mountain-loving city boy from the city that never sleeps who just can’t seem to stay on solid ground. From a young age, I have always dreamed of slipping the surly bonds of earth and taking to the sky. I am an instructor at NV flight as well as a skydive jump pilot. I learned to fly right here at KRNO and the mountains are truly my home. I love sharing the knowledge I have acquired with others. I look forward to flying with you!

Meet Collin, Operations Manager & Co-Owner


My name is Collin. I am the co-owner and operations manager of NV Flight. I have been flying for 10 years. In that time I have earned my commercial fixed wing and private pilot rotor wing. During the weekdays, I am in Minden as an avionics technician. At NV Flight, you will see me on the ramp during the weekend as I maintain our high safety standards for our aircraft fleet and ensure safe flying so you can enjoy the clear Nevada skies!

Meet Cherie, Office Manager


My name is Cherie Justis. I run the office operations at NV Flight! I have been around airplanes, big and small, beginning with working at US Airways. I became involved with the Reno general aviation community in 2012. Today, I am the one you will find checking on your rental aircraft every morning, running the schedule, and taking all of our social media photos! The best part about the job is connecting with all of our students and pilots! It is incredible to be in the center of our growing aviation community in Reno.