Advanced Aviation Training Device

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Our CR-12 AATD is an incredible learning tool for any pilot! Whether you need to learn private pilot procedures, train in simulated IMC environments, or build time toward your commercial or ATP certificate, our simulator can allow you to achieve your goals. Cost efficient, and it still ”flies” even when the weather outside is less than favorable; contact us and start your training today!

Simulator Rate: $80 per hour

Advanced Aviation Training Device Information

An advanced aviation training device, or AATD, is a helpful training tool because instructors can let their students experience “real world” scenarios in a controlled learning environment. Instrument procedures, emergencies, and checklists, can all be more easily understood when taught in an AATD because YOU have the ability to control the learning pace.

While you can use the AATD for as many training hours as you need, the following totals can be counted toward your next rating under part 61:

Private Pilot: 2.5 Hours AATD

Instrument Pilot: 20 Hours AATD

Commercial Pilot: 50 Hours AATD

Airline Transport Pilot: 25 Hours AATD