Slow Flight

Reference: The Airplane Flying Manual Slow Flight: Flight at minimum controllable airspeed. A speed at which any further increase in angle of attack or load factor, or reduction in power, would cause an immediate stall. Why Learn Slow Flight? Slow flight increases stall awareness and allows the pilot to learn the aircraft’s flight characteristics andContinue reading “Slow Flight”

Kolob Canyons: The Hidden Zion

Kolob has become known as the “Hidden Zion”, because it boasts similar characteristics of the well-known national part, while hosting far fewer guests…….This western landscape captures the imagination and provides the onlooker with a renewed perspective, a sense of the magic of the high desert.

Collin’s Interview: Helicopter Pilot – Part Two

We continue our interview with Collin; a millennial who has earned his helicopter and airplane pilot license as well as flown gliders. To catch part one of this interview, look back on last week’s post! We continue with our interview by finding out more about Collin’s helicopter experiences.

Helicopter Pilot & Fixed Wing Pilot – An Interview with an Accomplished Millennial

Today we are introducing you to Collin, in the first part of a three-part interview with him. Collin is a helicopter and fixed wing pilot, currently attending university to earn his bachelor’s degree.