Effective Flight Training

What can you accomplish with an Advanced Aviation Training Device?

What is an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD)?

An AATD is a state of the art, professional flight simulator that includes a true to scale cockpit with accurate and fully functional flight controls and systems. It is FAA approved for pilot training for many levels of certificates.
Hours in the AATD that can be applied to each certificate or review…
Private Pilot2.5 Hours
Instrument Pilot20 Hours
Commercial Pilot50 Hours
Airline Transport Pilot25 Hours
Flight ReviewUsed In Review
Instrument Proficiency CheckUsed In IPC*
*The AATD cannot substitute a circling approach or one landing when used for an IPC.
AATD Rental Rate – $90/hour

Private Pilot Training

When you are getting your private pilot license, your CFI can use the AATD for your instrument training and can safely teach you how to navigate in the clouds and instrument failures in IMC conditions.

Additionally, the AATD is effective in teaching sight picture for the pitch attitude of the aircraft for landings and help with practicing checklists or radio calls. This is incredibly helpful in reducing the time required for students to become proficient in the airplane before their solo event.

Instrument Pilot Training

Waste no time in transit between airports, with the AATD you can easily accomplish 4 or 5 approach or departure procedures in an hour. Build proficiency flying in weather at or below minimums. This allows for realistic decision making when choosing to go missed in poor weather conditions. Spending 20 hours in the sim will make every student a far more prepared instrument pilot before ever stepping into an airplane.

Commercial Pilot Training

When building 250 hours takes time. Keep flying and building your time even when the weather is bad! 50 hours of AATD time can be put toward your commercial pilot training. Your training can be even more effective than just another lunch run. With your 50 hours in the AATD, you can practice engine failures, instrument failures, diversions, and instrument conditions and become a safer commercial pilot.

Airline Transport Pilot Training

Get experience flying in twin engine airplanes and jets! When you are training to become an airline transport pilot, you don’t ned more time in a Cessna 172. Fly faster, larger aircraft similar to your next new job! Surpass your class when you go to your airline training by building up your jet experience in the simulator first!

Our AATD Letter of Authorization