Mountain Flying

Real Experience. Professional Training. Beautiful Flying.

Live the challenge of flying out west.

Fly the High Country

Weekend Mountain Course

Take a long weekend and learn to fly the high country. Our course will take you through ten hours of flight training and five hours of one on one ground training with an experienced mountain pilot and CFI. Reference Sparky’s Mountain Flying Syllabus, you will learn how to manage terrain, mountain weather, density altitude, spot landings and more! If you are visiting Reno, let us arrange you a hotel close to the airport to make your stay comfortable and transportation simple and seamless.

Complete Mountain Course

For those aviators who wish to spend more detailed time in mountain flying training, we will sharpen your skills and dial in your abilities through the full Mountain Flying Course. Our recommended course will take you three weeks flying twice a week, resulting in approximately 20 hours of flight time. You will receive training in both a high performance aircraft and a standard performance aircraft to understand different techniques in mountain flying based on aircraft capability.

Need a flexible training schedule? Want to book it out in one week? We make a training schedule that fits within your time constraints.

It’s only when you are flying above it that you realize how incredible the earth really is.

— Perrin